Rent in Prague

Prague is one of Europe's most visited attractions. Below are the essential places we recommend you to visit during your stay in Prague.

St.Vitus Cathedral -- The largest and the most important church in Prague. The religious heart of the Czech Republic.
Prague Castle -- Has been a symbol of Czech history for centuries. After 894 it became the main seat of the oldest ruling dynasty of the state Bohemia, the Premyslid princes (Premyslovci).
Charles Bridge -- Prague's most well-known monument. The oldest stone bridge in Central Europe with many expressive Baroque statues made by sculptors Braun, Brokoff and Kohl. The bridge is colorful with a variety of vendors (of woodwork, jewelry, and paintings), street musicians and puppeteers.
Old Town Square -- The oldest and most important square in historic Prague dating from the 12th century. Make sure that you visit the Astronomical Clock (Orloj), built in 1410, and watch the mechanical performance by 12 Apostoles.
Jewish Prague -- Places of interest are the Town Hall, five synagogues (Old-Town, Pinkas, High, Klausen, Maisel) and Old Jewish Cemetry.
Emausy Monastery -- The monastery and the church is very richly decorated. The cycle of Gothic wall paintings dating from 1360-1370 is one of the most valuable relics of that time in Bohemia.
Botanic Garden -- Must see attraction of the gardens is the giant water lily, Victoria cruziana, whose huge leaves can support a small child. In the summer time, the garden produces dozens of flowers which only survive for a day
Prague Breweries -- The real place to enjoy Czech beer!..
Prague ZOO -- Prague Zoo is one of Europe's largest and nicest zoos.
Vysehrad -- Vysehrad means "castle on the heights". You can't help believing in the old legends while visiting Vysehrad and walking through the park decorated with statues by J. V. Myslbek on themes from old Bohemian legends. The view of the river Vltava and the city from the top of the cliff is magnificent.
Petrin Outlook Tower -- Petrin Park is one of Prague's largest parks. The most conspicuous landmark in this park is an imitation Eiffel Tower, built for the Jubilee Exhibition of 1891.
St.Nicholas Temple -- The most significant historical structure of the Prague Baroque. To visit these sites wit a guide please see prague tours.


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